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About Kebco LLC

Kebco LLC is a federally licensed Firearms Importer. 

You must have an FFL or have an FFL dealer willing to accept the gun for you. We will not ship a modern firearm (and antiques to NJ) to anyone who does not have a Federal Firearm License. Federal, state and local laws and/or requirements will be observed. Please remember I need a signed FFL to ship. Products will only be shipped to the license address.  

If there is an undisclosed problem or shipping damage with an item Kebco LLC sends to you, please call or email ASAP.  

Under normal circumstances shipping is within 2-3 business days.  

Sales PROHIBITED to  MASSACHUSETTS, the  MR73 Manurhin is not MA compliant.

Also,  PENNSYLVANIA residents.   All firearms must be shipped to an FFL holder. You must also have a tax number or pay 6% sales tax. 

I do not store guns for sale in the office if you have a question it may take a day or so to get back with an answer. In addition, I frequently travel and will attempt to answer all email ASAP. If you have multiple questions, please call.

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